It sounds as though the file

AvatarKevin Mc

It sounds as though the file corrupted. As well, the hard drive is probably corrupt as well. After working as a net tech for 25 years, unless someone can chime in with a better answer, the file is gone. There is no restoring it.

That said…

One thing you might try is copying it to another drive (hard drive, flash drive, SD card – doesn’t matter which). “IF” it copies (if not – it’s completely corrupt), make sure the file is renamed (on the new drive) with the proper extension – same as original file (.mp4, .mts… etc.), and see if it plays. If so, copy it to a third drive as a backup.

As a side note, always and often backup your files. When I first offload video files from my camcorder, they are “immediately” backed up to a second drive before I even touch them. Then I leave them on the camcorder sd card for a while – just in case. My $0.02

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