It shouldn’t matter that i


It shouldn’t matter that it’s a same sex wedding the charcters you are portraying are still the same. If you must do a single camera wedding, take the traditional wedding approach shooting down the center isle framed with the bride, groom, and preacher. Make sure you makea list of special ceremony events (i ejoining hands, therings, the kiss…etc) you want to emphasize. Let the bride, groom, preacher know in advance that right after the ceremony you want the principle parties back at the alter (or whereever) and your going to recreate about a minutes worth of cut-in video to augment the real ceremony. Then use your list as a guide anddirect the action you want to take place. Don’t forget to incorporatedigital still pictures into these staged shots. They makegreat title pages for thefinal product. Be the director of your video not just a technician.

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