It seems that we’re gettin


It seems that we’re getting a chilly reception with this topic. Is it simplelack of interest?

My inclination would also be a nonprofit. WEVA, apparently is a for profit organization. I’ve never joined WEVA because I never felt comfortable -there’s no one to really to get in touch with and the site is a little too ambiguous for me. I get the feeling it’s just another cash cow for a privileged few. The site could probably use a little updating.

As you mentioned, it would take up a sizable amount of time to organize and maintain. Perhaps the duties could be assigned, once enough prospective members were on board; one person to maintain one of the websites pages, another to maintain any database(s), someone else to be the treasurer/accountant. Of course, these would also likely be the members of the board – Regardless of how we organized (Corp, LLC, nonprofit), we’ll need a board of directors.

I too, like the ideo of a simple website that would not try to dazzle brides/groomswith flashy junk. I like the idea of a sitethat is a resource forboth consumers and our membership.There would have to be boundaries, however. We would have to have a clear charterfor what we’d offer couples interested in having their weddings documented and what we’d offer to prospective members. We should also have the names of the board members available for contact,email would suffice.

I hate to keep bringing up WEVA but it’s a great example of what I would NOT like to do. I wouldn’t want to create a bunch of awards. I wouldn’t want to have a website that wasn’t up to date.I don’t want to charge people money for programs of dubious worth. I’m sorry if I offend any WEVA members but I just don’t see the value of the membership. Well Earl, that may just get us some responses πŸ˜‰

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