It seems I forgot to menti


It seems I forgot to mention something huge in my original post that would have helped guide the suggestions thus far. My delivery method for my documentary project will be DVD and web video (smallest file size possible), so if I would have disclosed that in the beginning I’m sure I would have been guided to the point where my research led me today. The camera I was looking at was great, but there’s no way for me to burn AVCHD to a regular DVD disc, and the majority of my target audience does not own a Blu-Ray player, nor do I own a BR burner. So, although that camcorder is very nice and I’d love to start with that one, if I can’t burn my HD video then I can’t justify purchasing an HD camera at the moment.

Stepping down to an SD camera just made things much less complicated for me as far as hardware/software, so let me just run one other things past you guys. Instead of the Canon HF S10, would the Canon FS22 be sufficient? I’m having some difficulty finding answers to my questions about the speicific cameras in question, so I hope you guys aren’t tired of helping this newb yet. I just need a camera that will be able to shoot some good footage for a documentary. It must have decent sound or ability to connect a mic, must have tripod connection, etc. Please give any advice on the camera side if you can, and I’ll promise to stop posting for a while, lol.

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