It really depends on what


It really depends on what you will be doing. I am not quite sure what hollywood fx is but if you plan on using After Effects (which i assume you have if you if you got the production bundle and if you dont know it you should learn it as it is a wonderfull tool) or 3d software then i would go for a quadro. Mainly 3d though AE is a bit faster with the acceleration but i dont think that a quadro will make that much difference with just AE. Premiere is accelerated in some ways by the graphics card now but again i don’t think the quadro will make much of a difference from the gforce line as long as the card you get is supported officially by adobe if it is not it will accelarate nothing and be worthless. With 3d thats a different story. Cinema 4d and 3ds max are much more responsive and the viewports are much more clear and crisp because of the quadro. I would not bother with a card with a gig of ram. Unless you are doing very high end photo realistic 3d work or doing more gaming than work the extra ram is not going to get used. 256 or 512 should be fine. I have a quadro with 256mb at work and it works just fine with my after effects and cinema 4d/3ds max work. If you are doing editing and normal graphics work I would just get a gforce card on the approved list for premiere. I think any card with shader model 3.0 will work fine. I would spend the extra money on faster bigger disks or a faster processor as these things will definitely give you more of a return. Unless you are doing or plan to do 3d work then a quadro will have a better result.

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