It really depends on how s


It really depends on how serious you are and how big you want to be.

I personally like the XL series myself. But for the price of them, unless you’re well established as a videograper, why waste the extra cash when a smaller camera will do?

Plus, if you’re new on the wedding video scene, you’ve got to expect that your first couple videos are going to need to be discounted or free (I think I did my first wedding video at-cost, and I got an extra $50 on top of that on my second one.)

Your budget is a good indicator of what you can afford, too. Realistically, you’re going to need at the very least, two cameras, one good tripod (expect to spend almost as much on a good tripod as you will for your camera), and maybe some lighting, depending on the camera you get (okay, I think every videographer should have lighting anyway, but that’s just me).

Sony has a great camera, the VX-2100. It runs a shave under $2500, and it gives you a good camera with great low lighting conditions. If you’re really a Canon fan, the GL-2 is affordable, and while it doesn’t work as well in low lighting (e.g. 70% of all weddings) which means you need a light, there are a lot more neat features and a better zoom which, if you do other stuff such as sports events, may be handy to have. There’s a rebate offer going on now, where you can get the camera from B&H for about $1750 after the rebate. I bought one on the rebate program because I needed one more camera, and I like the GL-2, despite their not-so-great low-light performance. Plus, I can’t afford three VX-2100’s! πŸ˜›

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