It looks like I missed out


It looks like I missed out on the ASUS deal anyway. I’m not a perfectionist to the point where I need my video to be true 1080 during editing. I can handle working with 720 resolution, as long as the actual screen dimensions (16:9 aspect ratio) are maintained and it exports to 1080.

What’s the main reason I wouldn’t want to use the internal hd for the editing? I’m guessing probably a lot of defragmentation from rendering/deleting/moving around such heavy files.

What about hard-drive write speed? I’m having a hard time finding a 7200 RPM drive in my price-range.

That makes me feel better that 4 gb of RAM still works well for you. At least that is something you can upgrade. I’m concerned if I choose a laptop with the wrong video card, that I’ll be screwed…



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