It is the Belkin VideoBus


It is the Belkin VideoBus USB2 Capture cable. I have an A/V camera, HI8, and I have to use this to captuer my video always because I can’t put in any PCI ports on my PC and I can’t buy a new camcorder. It drops frames like crazy, but I haven’t noticed it in the output.

The Belkin USB VideoBus II was a great capture device like 5-6 years ago; I should know as I had one. It is USB 1.x compliant not USB 2.x meaning you are limited to a max resolution of 352×288. It was also notorious for the dropped frames that you are experiencing. The biggest problem I encounted with the dropped frames was with A/V synchronization; at times the output would resemble a very poorly dubbed martial arts movie from the 60s.

You would be better served by saving up more money and getting a Canopus (or other) converter box. It may cost more up front, but the amount of time and energy saved (from when you go back and redo hours and hours of tape) in the long run will more than make up for it, not to mention the overall improved A/V quality.

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