It is really important tha


It is really important that individuals wanting to comment regarding a thread as active as this one has become read the entire content so as to have a better handle on what they should say, or want to say, regarding the thread in total.

Posting a “can’t we all just get along” response is all fine and good, but it would perhaps come off even better if the person posting either didn’t admit to having not read all in their entirety, or had a better understanding of the ongoing interactions by having read them all so as to better respond without posting a kneejerk sermon.

Respect works on many levels and is evident, or not, in many ways – subtle and not so subtle nuances that are contained in the separate thread responses give a deeper understanding to the arguments, comments, debates and facts, and should be taken into consideration, yourvideographer, if one’s post isn’t going to be topic specific.

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