It is pretty obvious that


It is pretty obvious that the clip you referred to is just simple time lapse. The main character is sitting very still as the party is shot with a slow shutter speed to get the blurring effect or, more likely, the time lapse footage has a video effect that blends frames to create the appearance of blurring, sometimes called trails. I know New Blu has that effect in at least one of their plug-in’s, and I’ve seen it mentioned in a variety of other effect packages. But the underlying shot is a simple time lapse with a slow moving subject. The other speedy effects are created using a time mapping effect with continous control over the changes in speed. I read a tutorial on it, but I am unable to recall or locate the article. But the feature is part of the newest Adobe professional NLE. You can start with reviewing their advertising material concerning “time mapping” effects.

Good luck on getting your shot and be sure to try out the techniques before you need them.

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