It IS possible that upping


It IS possible that upping the RAM would help, and in all probability your laptop hard drive is 5400 RPM rather than the recommended 7200 or faster for video work. I would be concerned, however, that the age of your laptop and its operating system, as well as possibly undernourished CPU, even the graphics card/video card, might simply be too little to offer even though it shouldn’t be too much to ask.

I hesitate to suggest that ONLY a desktop system would suffice because there’s powerful enough (albeit expensive) laptops available, and even the latest iteration of iMac with the OPTIONAL faster CPU and 27″ screen, 2 TB option and maxed RAM is a powerhouse for using iMovie and/or FCP, and/or FCPX (that last is shear speculation because I’m only reading and listening to others who have jumped onboard, and not experienced the new Lion OS or FCPX myself) … I’m a wait awhile kind of fella.

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