“It is not important to so


“It is not important to some folks, however it is to me to be able to show my Grand and Great Grands long deceased family that they never seen. “

It’s a sad fact that so many folks begin to get interested in their family history after the preceeding generation has passed on. Maybe more recent interest has been stirred by the TV program, ” Who Do You Think You ARE ? ” Since retiring I have had the opportunity to ” restore ” some audio recordings for several folks who had an audio cassette or 1/4″ r2r tape which represented the only surviving example of the voice of some relative who had died some time ago. I was happy to digitize and tinker with the recordings ( some were VERY bad ) and then burn some CD’s for the surviving family members ( for which I did not charge ).

I realize that restoration in the video realm is not quite as easy or inexpensive; and I realize that most here are hoping to generate income . . . . but I see it a bit differently in that a successful restoration can generate boat-loads of good will and word-of-mouth references. I also think it’s the right thing to do.

Rick Crampton

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