It is not a guarantee, Art


It is not a guarantee, Arthur. In the standard def arena I have had instances where even two XL1 cameras one number apart in serial numbers would not play each others tapes back. Rare, but it does happen. And between models and brands, or even brands of videotape, incompatible playback can happen in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, I have run thousands over the years through different models, brands of cameras and decks without a hitch.

Varying mechanisms, tape paths, even wear on the tape itself, storage and temperatures of the environment, tape and system can cause playback issues. Dirty heads…

…odds are that eventually one or more tapes that you seriously need access to will either not playback or even become damaged in the process.

I strongly suggest hanging onto the HV30 and using it for playback of tapes that have been recorded in it, as opposed to using the new camera for that purpose (will save wear and tear on the new camera drive system as well – but you know that).

Maybe not often, or even at all, but it is likely that you cannot be assured that every tape recorded in the HV30 will playback smoothly every time from the HXA-1, or any other brand or model of camera or deck.

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