It is my experience that l


It is my experience that light and portable does not equate to solid and stable – not entirely, that is. IMHO there will always be a tradeoff between the two. Some lightweight systems, even those with exotic lightweight metals or fiber construction, while strong and light are also susceptible to wind, vibration and other exterior elements.

The price range is workable, though many of the elements desired, to the extent they do exist, would jack that price up over the $1K barrier.

I dislike center post designs because my experience with a range of these has been that when the post is cranked up, a major degree of stability is sacrificed for height. They range from wobbly to downright off-center and shaky, often taking away from the original stability of the three-legs and top head mount engineered to provide a degree of stability.

A spreader bar or platform is nice and certainly helps keep the legs evenly spread, solid and together, avoiding slips and slides. The mid-height chain or strap spreaders offer the best of both worlds – mobility and stability.

You could get closer to your desired system and price, maybe even a bit of shopping around would come close to giving you what you want.

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