It is late and I hope I ma


It is late and I hope I make some sense here.

These are a bit more pricy, but for my wedding business I work solo and the Swat 3 light LED kit fromFlo Light works wonders for me – very easy to set up and take down in a hurry and the entire setup takes up very little space and does not get in the way. They are fully dimmable, and come with plenty of gels. They can use camera batteries to remain wireless. Add 2-3 stands to this and you are good to go! Also the versitility of being able to add one of these lights directly to the camera is a plus as well.

It is a bit pricy for the setup yes I know ($749)- but for speed, space saving, and easy set up this was worth it to me. I also have had a LitePanels light for a while, and the Flo-Light completely blows away the LitePanels similar sized light at full power. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about CFLs breaking or having to cool down before putting them away.

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