It is interesting because


It is interesting because I use both Microsoft Office and Open Office so I have some faith in open source apps and I know what good ones can do.
I did not realize that there were open source [maybe I should say "feature rich" quality open source] NLE’s out there.

I like Adobe because I know how to use it and it does everything that I need it to do.
If I can find an open source application that can bridge other open source products that I would need [image and graphic programs] in the process of producing a short clip, I’m all for it.

Because I work from 3 different computers, a good open source would be far more practical than 3 costly licenses.

The bottom line is the finale product.
If I use Adobe, Sony or a good open source app, no one will care also long as the images are there.
Good images!

Thanks for the link.

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