It has been quite a while


It has been quite a while since this topic was posted but I do have new information to add. I ran into troubles during an extremely cold weather shoot (about homeless camps) and used a cleaning tape to good effect. For a while. But the problem popped up more than I like so I took the next step.

Cleaning tapes are okay for what they are designed to do. But essentially, they are sandpaper for the video heads. Oxide buildup will occur over time (especially with certain tape brands.) Far & away the best plan is to actually clean the oxide off the video heads using tape head cleaner & swabs made for cleaning tape heads, both available at Radio Shack.

This is a moderately difficult task and generally requires removing the cassette door for access to the heads. But it has solved my glitchy recording problems. I will admit I was taught how to clean heads by a video engineer, so I’m comfortable with the process. But be aware, it is possible to permanently damage the video heads so extreme care is necessary.

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