It has been around for awh


It has been around for awhile, and held its value quite well. Also, in its class, and for the price, it is a hard-to-beat standard definition Canon camera with a lot going for it.

I continue to shot SD with Canon XL1 and GL2 cameras and have as yet not encountered a significant (none, actually) demand for high definition acquisition, editing or delivery in the broad range of productions in which I have been involved.

I can only suspect that a GL2 acquired today will get you going in the right direction and keep you there for a minimum of another 18 months, making you money, and if you shoot wide angle, will get you wired for 16×9 HD shooting when you are ready to move up, or the market demand actually gets there.

Very few people will have anything bad to say about the GL2 when compared to similar priced production tools.

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