It has been a long time…


It has been a long time…I remember you helping me out almost a year ago…many thanks.

Finally finished shooting…300+ GB of footage. Will make 25 completed DVDs when finished with post-production…finally am getting to editing now…just wanted to clear some things up before spending a lot of time doing it as I don’t want to have to undo anything later.

Is it safe to say then that I should just set up my template in Vegas as HD, do my editing as such, outputting via HDMI or DVI to my 1920 x 1080 LCD, and then just render as MPEG-2 for DVD output or HD for Blu-Ray of my choosing? -or will that cause problems when my template doesn’t match the output/render as settings?

Logically, I would think it wouldn’t matter as the project file within Vegas should be the same regardless, and that only it’s output format would change when rendering…

Want to make sure it’s done right though…

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