It greatly depends on what

AvatarGrinner Hester

It greatly depends on what camera you are shooting with.

If using a CCD modern day camera, you probaly don’t need lights at all. Their office lights will indeed be the most natural. Just don’t have the window behind em. I like to use natural light. In stepping back and wondering how to make it look the most natural… man, that’s how. They’ll all have windows, all have overheads you white balance to and I’d venture to say there is a small lamp on the desk. I’d sooner incorporate that than tote the light kit in the building at all. I never bag myself by not bringing it in the car but I veeery seldom slow myself down by getting it out of the car.

I can tell you, pop a breaker in any office building and you won’t be popular. Unless you are shooting beta, you can avoid it completely.

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