It doesn’t really work like


It doesn't really work like this. You can't actually email people like this. You also have the issue that there will be two main copyright issues. The composer's rights and the record company's rights, which are the ones that include the recording you wish to use.


Here in the UK, these two separate rights areas are covered by PRS and PPL, and I understand the US have a similar system. So your job is to contact the rights collecting agencies, not the artiste, in the first instance. In most cases, they will look after the clearance for you, and you pay them. Generally how much revolves around who will hear it. I wanted to use 3 minutes of a Jean Michel Jarre track in the 90s. It was a 3 minute video, to be played at an exhibition. I negotiated a fair sum, more than I'd intended, but livable. Then they discovered it was a two day exhibition and the video was being looped. The quote was for ONE playing. Multiplying by time and visitor numbers meant it was out!


If it's for an advert – then it's going to be expensive, but maybe as a proportion of the anticipated income from the ad, workable?


Some bits of music are NOT represented by the rights agencies, and that is when you deal direct – but it's very tiresome dealing with record companies.


Incidentally, this is why so many broadcast ads use re-recorded songs. That way you only have to pay for the composer's rights – not the original artiste's and the record campanies!

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