It doesnt matter the playe


It doesnt matter the player a file is encoded one way. most Likly FCP or your QT encoder acually puts the clip in a simpler MP4, Not H.264, H.264 has 2 versions MP4,MV4,Imov,MOV(the Freebee) MP2TS wich is MPEG2 (Higher compression than standard M2P),I know this because I own and have the rights to use it. I didnt find any of this information on the Web. I own the professional Versions of these Codecs THey are notfree any means.

Im telling you the files that your outputing to are not true H.264 Files you are using the comppersser in QT wich uses H.264 as a compresser but it does not out put the file to H.264 because its really a MPEG2 Codec. , Im not Making this up;MP4 version extension is not .mov its .mp4 , Windows doesnt make up files extension regradless of the player , Windows Media cant even read this file , Inlees you use the MP4 version.

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