It depends on whether you


It depends on whether you want ease of use of price benefits.

If you want easy, and price isn’t so big a deal, Newtec has the Tricaster. This is a live video switcher/fx generator. It’s been called the "Live news truck that fits in a knapsack" and the description is fitting. It can take three live video camera inputs and up to 5 other video inputs, and allows the operator to create live productions. Part of this is a live webcasting output, to allow you to literally plug your tricaster into the internet, hit a button, and users can watch your video on the net as it happens.

It’s the neatest package out there, but the price tag will kill you. It’s about 5,000-6,000 bucks, depending on where you go!

There are other options as well, but those require lots of technical knowledge to set up, and usually almost as much cash to invest.

What’s your budget? That will help us to know how to better answer.

Thanks! πŸ™‚

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