It depends on what you are


It depends on what you are shooting. If you basically shoot events then the sony ax100 would be a better option over the blackmagic pocket because of its 1″ sensor which means everything will virtually be in focus. But if what you do is shoot movies/short films and want to pull off some cinematic effects, you’d want to get the bm pocket. Pair that with a speedbooster specifically designed for the bm pocket(not the universal mft speedbooster) and you’ll get a super 35 sensor for that nice shallow DOF effect. And if you want to have more control of what your final image would look like, you’ll need to shoot raw or prores or any other gradable codec. And finally, here in nigeria, 4k delivery isn’t common place. In fact, HD is still trying to get a foot hold. Some might bring in the “4k downsampled to HD” argument. Whatever floats your boat. If you have the budget to shoot 4k raw then by all means, DO IT.

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