It depends on the camera.


It depends on the camera. Some cameras suffer whats called "Rolling shutter" effects more than others. It has to do with camera movement and how fast the sensor captures the image. A lot of people are hung up on 24p for cinematic reasons but if your using a camera that easily produces "Wobble" or "Skew" with camera movement then your not going to get a very cinematic product from them. Using a higher frame rate helps reduce rolling shutter effects.


Most people can't tell a difference between 24p or 30p anyway and what they recognize about a cinematic look is more so related to the "Look", meaning coloring, grain and such. I also think your editing technique goes a long ways in giving the audience the "Feel" of cinema. I believe 24p can add to the look but only if the motion is a part of what you're after or a dominant element visually.


Your show is really something that falls under a "Genre" where a digital look is widely accepted. If you branched out to where you were adding a visual story to the music, then it would pay off to get cinematic about things but the dual commentary part is fine in a digital look. I think you would go farther in pleasing your audience by having both people mic'd up with lav's rather than passing a hand held back and fourth.


There are so many other things to worry about getting done well that I really feel the difference between 24 and 30 fps to be a very minor issue.



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