It all depends on what the


It all depends on what the client wants and/or the requirements of the Broadcast company. Most broadcast stations prefer a tape format (Beta SP, Digibeta, DVCPRO)

DVD is rarely considered an ideal format for broadcast and is probably a bad idea unless they specifically request it.

I would not recommend a .mov because it us a file type more related to online broadcast, not tv.

DVD and .mov are compressions that broadcast companies don’t like for TV broadcast. Some companies don’t even except the typical DV compression or at least have a limit as to how much DV compressed video can be used in a show.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you use a vector scope and wave form monitor to check you colors to make sure they are NTSC compliant or the station may kick it back. Most NLE’s have these tools included, but there is no substitut for the actual thing.

I’m going to assume that they will want a tape format, but they will have to tell you what type they are capable of using.

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