It all depends on how big the


It all depends on how big the office is and how good (i.e. sensitive) your DSLR is. When I go into an office, I bring along two 500W. Lowel Totas (tungsten lights) and bounce them off of a white ceiling. This gives me acceptable light for my JVC HM-750 camera (3 X 1/3" chips). The bigger the office, the more light you're going to need. I've never used any DSLRs so I have no idea how much light they may need. Once again, do your best to get to the location before the shoot and try things out to see what you will need.

Make sure that your lights are secure (i.e. not going to fall over easily) and that you tape down all cables to avoid a trip hazard. A good friend once told me a line that I always follow when I'm on location. "Gaff tape is cheap, lawyers are expensive" so protect everyone, you included πŸ™‚



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