It all boils down to this:


It all boils down to this:
A: Find a career you like.
B: Try to make sure it is not too competitive or easily sent to a cheaper labor market.

I remember bragging to my Dad 10 years ago that with my computer skills, I would be in demand for the rest of my life- sure to have a job no matter what the economy did.

Fast forward to today. The Baby Boomer managers that are running the show could not care less about employee loyalty, the American economy or even the future of this country. As long as they can make a profit RIGHT NOW, who cares about tomorrow?

Our economy is in the state it is because of greed, pure and simple. Whoever you work for will be figuring out first and foremost how they can pay for their big house and luxury cars. Your needs and loyalty do not matter, so it is best to look out for yourselves.

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