isuguy, what program is u



what program is used to edit the format this camera puts out and what is the format?

-Editing is difficult at this time. Your favorite companies are gearing up to help you out, but for now you’ll have to check this out:

do you have to have a high def dvd burner to burn high def onto a disk?

-No, you can burn your high definition AVI file or QuickTime file. This allows you to take your footage with you, and makes for an OK backup, but it won’t play in your living room.

i figure if i can spend 3 or 400$ more and get HD, i think that would be worth it? am i correct in this?

-If editing is a large part of how you make high quality home videos, I’d go with a format that you can enjoy working and editing with.

-andrew at videomaker

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