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I’ve never had a problem with my generics. The only thing I’ve ever had a complaint about is that generic batteries don’t seem to have as long of a life as my name brand ones. At the wedding we filmed this weekend, I had a Canon camera on one of my GL-2’s and a generic on the other. Both batteries are fairly old, and I bought both batteries at about the same time. The Canon battery has aged much better, and made it through the whole event, where the generic battery only took me about halfway before it was time to swap it out.

Don’t get me wrong, the Canon battery is on it’s way out too. Both batteries used to breeze through a 8 hour work day with half a charge left under similar conditions. At the end of the 6ish hours at this wedding, even the Canon battery was about toast. That’s life with batteries. They get old, you buy new ones. The circle of life continues.

But that being said, my next batteries will still be off-brands. The up-front price savings is, at least to me, far greater an advantage that a few months longer life. Plus, who knows? Maybe this battery is just some sort of fluke. Even though they can make them close, no two batteries are identical, even within brands. My next batteries might outlast the life of the Canon battery.

Like I said in my first post, there is a down side to off-brand batteries, but in my opinion, they’re more of a value than manufacturer batteries. I have them for my Sony and my Canons, and I don’t have any real complaints. They’re worth their cost, that’s for sure.

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