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If you have never used any kind of NLE before, its best to learn to walk first before you can run. Im sure that my esteemed colleagues before me will agree that the basic concept of how NLEs work is pretty much the same between all of them out there. The only difference between all of the programs is how they look and operate and how many features are available. Quality however can very somewhat.

When people ask me how one should start learning how to do this, I just suggest using Windows Movie Maker. Its free and it is very basic. After a few hours of experimenting you will start to get a feel for it. It comes with all of the basic tools and transitions needed to create a basic simple project. Sure it only has a few timelines but then you wont have to manage so much.

Im not going to lie for a person that wants to learn a computer based NLE will also need to be very computer literate or it could be a major struggle. After a while though, you will start to understand the workflow, terminology and the techniques used and soon you will be ready for bigger and better things.

Both comp and roll said it all. You first have to spend a little time reading to get you going but its the experience that makes you good.

I remember when I first loaded Premiere Pro and fired it up. My eyes fell out of my head. It was so overwhelming that I thought that I would never figure it out. Now I know it like the back of my hand. Don’t laugh but the hardest part for me now when working on a project is deciding what kind of music I should use. X-D

BTW: If I recall, you were getting into wedding videos if Im not mistaking. IMHO youll want to use something better because Showbiz and Movie Edit wont do justice when it comes to weddings.

Good luck and don’t worry… you get it! πŸ˜‰


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