Is this what you have noti


Is this what you have noticed in your area, or is it nationwide?

For the Midwest region, the projected fastest-growing careers for the 2002-2012 time period are in Healthcare, Computer/Information Sciences, Engineering, and Architecture. In addition to the Northeast and South regions, physician assistants and network systems analysts are and will continue to be in high demand in this region. Demand for engineers is high as well, especially industrial, environmental, and agricultural engineers (agriculture is very important in the Midwest, specifically in the Dakotas). For those of you majoring in architecture, look for high hiring activity in Kansas, Nebraska, and Ohio.

Top 10 Fast Growing Jobs thru 2014

  1. Network systems & data communication analysts
  2. Home health aides
  3. Physician assistants
  4. Computer software engineers, applications
  5. Medical assistants
  6. Computer software engineers, systems software
  7. Database administrators
  8. Diagnostic medical sonographers
  9. Network & computer systems administrators
  10. Hazardous materials removal workers

Seems to me that these are jobs in high demand! Are the stats really wrong? Are those you have noticed loosing jobs in senior positions, or low on the ladder?

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