>>>is there any w


>>>is there any way to get this full screen format?

Yes, but you’ll have to sacrafice quality by either “squishing” the video into a square, or by cutting of the ends without squishing it.

If you just take the widescreen HD video and toss it into a standard fullcreen (4:3) dvd architect project it will automatically squish it for you.

If you want to squish it in Vegas….set your project properties to HDV 1080i (1440 x 1080) but change the pixel aspect ratio from 1.3333 to.9091

Thenright click the footage in the timeline andchange ITfrom 1.3333 to.9091 as well by selecting “properties” and you’ll see the pixel aspect ratio under the “media” tab.

Make sure your render settings are the same when you export.

If you wanna chop of the ends to make it fullscreen instead of squishing it….Drag the HDV into the same type of 1080i project as before.(with the.9091 aspect ratio) but keep the HDV video at 1.333. Right click the video in the timeline and select “Video event pan/crop.” You’ll have to disable the “lock aspect ratio” icon by clicking it so that you’ll then be able tocrop the width without affecting the height. Once you disable the icon, crop the widthuntil your videofits the 4:3 full screen in the preview window….Vegas does a nice job of automatically resizing the video to fit the screen as you decrease (crop)the width…..

To be perfectly honest….both methods suck.

The first obviously squishes the heck out of it, and the second basiclly cuts out 40% of you r video. (20% on each end)

I pesonally never like to emasculate my productions like that….lol

I would suggest playing around with the different aspect ratios to understand how each work….everything is based in relation to the square pixel (1.000)

Export the HDV file as usual and import into a fulscreen dvd architect project and it will maitain it’s 4:3 ratio.

It’s really not as hard as it sounds, but I would just leave it widescreen.(but I also know some clients can be stubborn)

>>>Is there a setting to adjust to capture the entire tape into one clip?

If you’re talking about capturing in Vegas…..I don’t know. I never captured anything in Vegas I don’t think.

If you’re talking about capturing with the cineform codec software…you’ll have to go into the “pref” at the bottom right corner and uncheck the “split file on scene change” box….that should work.

Maybe someone can help that knows more about capturing in Vegas.


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