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is the question to go to college or not? college yes, by all means. what filmmaker wouldn’t benefit from college. One of his points is that your favorite filmmaker didn’t go…well, maybe they would have benefitted in some way.

Absolutely you don’t have to go, but most of the gorilla films that are being made by non-educated filmmakers are trash.

I guess if you didn’t want to go I’d pick a film company that I wanted to work for and go do an apprentiship or internship. You will prolly have to work for free for someone before getting hired to do something meaningful in the industry. and filmmakers who run off and spend $25K on making a film are most likely wasting every dollar of their money and god forbid they put that on a credit card it will be much more than $25k.

Most people have no idea what it means to work in film and have no idea of how to get there…so, my answer is film school is good.

I went to film school and then got a degree from nyu in video. Both helped me immensly and some of the people I met are still in my life as best friends and colleagues and partners. And that was 16 years ago.

So, one vote for film school!

Bottom line. If you want it badly enough you’ll make it happen.

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