is that a soft focus lens?


is that a soft focus lens? And the cuts seem a bit quick for the clients. Sure you understand what they all represent and why they are there, but do the clients? Are the shots telling a story? When you are shooting are you just capturing? Or are you trying to set up the story for when you sit down later for the editing process? Also, there is no point to the changing of video colors and addition of random filters when the bride is walking upstairs about to make her entrance. Why do they need to be included? When using filters always ask yourself that question. If you can’t answer it with anything other than, “It looks cool!” Then you need to cut it. There also seems to be some headroom issues and some shakyness. Nothing to sweat over but I would definitly be a bit more concerned about it next time out. The groom seems like a great personality in front of the camera. My advice would be to hold the shots at the beginning a little longer since they aren’t cut on the beat anyways, so there is really no need for them to go by so quick. As before I understand what’s happening within each shot we are already on to the next one. I might even put the beginning in slow motion to add some more emotion behind some of the first few shots, then when the verse comes in head back into the normal pacing. Good luck and thanks for posting!

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