“… Is Mac the predominan


“… Is Mac the predominant machine?”


Way back when Apples were the primary setup. That started to change around ’01-’02 when Avid and Adobe broke off their exclusive deals with Apple and started making software and workstations based on PC’s. Avid primarily with their Symphony network arrays and when Adobe made their Production bundle PC only. Around the same time Sony took Vegas from being an Audio Workstation program to NLE standalone software.

There are still purists in the industry who believe if you aren’t using a mac and FCP you’re not serious. If you look at many editing job posts, the majority want expertise in mac’s and FCP. However, it’s a mixed bag now particularly since Apple incorporated Intel CPU’s and as was mentioned the hardware being used by macs and pc’s are identical.

The major networks still use Avid PC’s, and some use Sony Vegas in addition to Premiere Pro. On the other hand, boutique type editing houses generally use macs. Independent film companies tend to use either or both.

My company uses PC’s primarily because we build them though I used to build mac clones back when it was okay to do so. That and there isn’t any mac logistical support less than a 100mi trip from us but there are many PC based shops within that range. Now that it’s possible to build a ‘Hackintosh’ with available parts now, there might be a possible mac build in our future.

Really though, it’s truly what works for you and the software you’re most comfortable with. If you’re an FCP or Vegas user, your options are limited to mac or pc as they are not cross-platform. With Avid, Adobe and a few others, you have the option of using either or all the above. Thing is; it’s easy to work cross-platform these days. All it takes is to decide on the working format and you’re off.

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