Ipersonallyguaranteenothing for myweddingDVDs, just a DVd with some video on it. I tell them that there are to many factors involved with a one time live weddingceremonythat could go wrong, my camera could break, my tapes could run out, my camera might notactuallybe recording when I think it is, I might not get any audio, my second/back up camera might betknockedover, etc. IF the footage and or audio is bad, I will put a 5-10 minmontage.Hopefullyeverything will go right and they will get 2 DVDs FULL of over 5 videos.

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Stock media: How to find and use the best stock photos, videos, music and more

Acquiring stock media and editing it into your project is very often faster, cheaper and much more convenient than creating that media yourself.