Interesting! You are sort



You are sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. In sitting back and thinking about what I would do, I came up with this:

First of all, you gave her a price that includes everything including of course, your best effort. The fact that the church does not allow more than one camera, and… that it has to be stationary in the balcony is NOT your fault. As you already eluded too, your time is money and whether you are there with 1 camera or 3 cameras should not affect the cost of your time. Remember, this is still about money as far as you’re concerned. I agree with you in not lower the price.

Now the bride of course would have to be told everything up front. This will then be her call. If she is an intelligent person, she will realize that it’s not your fault that you can only use one camera. The key really is to make sure she knows everything up front! If she doesn’t like the fact that she still has to pay full price for a one camera shoot, then it’s her decision as to whether or not she still wants you to do it or not. As a net result, you won’t have to deal with the concern you had regarding this 1-camera wedding shoot getting out in the open with your name on it.

Now if she still is willing to pay full price with the one camera, then I would just make sure you take LOTS of b-roll before and after when you get a chance so that you can spice up this one cam shoot because it will need a lot of spice! πŸ˜‰ I would also make it a point in the beginning of the video or ceremony segment to post a small title at the bottom of the screen somewhere saying something to the affect that, "Do to the church’s restrictions towards cameras, this ceremony was shot with just one stationary camera." This would let everyone know that this was not your idea going with one camera. Kind of like a disclaimer.

After that, the rest is a piece of cake with the reception.

Where the hell is Hank?

HANK! What would you do?

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