Interesting thoughts. The


Interesting thoughts. The wheels in my head are turning as we speak. I have always been a proponent of low cost distribution to gain new clients. I generally tell couples they can have as many copies of the video as they want. I have also always served the highlight video on a webpage for friends to see. I think the most hits there have been on one of those pages is about 85. I’ve never given much thought to supplying the entire video because I assumed there would be nobody interested in spending an hour watching a video of a wedding they’ve either been to already or weren’t close enough to the couple to attend anyway. So, it seems to me the figure of 500 viewers of the video is way optimistic. I would love to hear any arguments against me though. If this really is a good idea, I don’t want to miss out. Bandwidth is not a problem for me at all so I may give it a try starting with my next job as a test marketing thing.

I wasn’t trying to say that getting "certified" will necessarily get me any additional business. Really, my point was that videographers have a bad reputation because there are so many bad ones out there. I just want that to change, that’s all.

By the way, nice site. Looks really good.

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