Interesting question. I’m


Interesting question. I’m trying to imagine how, using one camera, you’d capture video of 5 people at a table all of whom are within arms length of a board game. How you do that determines your options for mic-ing. So if they’re all ‘around’ the table with some backs to the camera, suspend an omni directional mic from above, as low as you can without it entering the frame. If the group is in a semi circle you can also an omni but you can use a cardioid pattern pick up too if you can fix the mic position of the mic, using a mic stand in front is one way. If you suspend a cardioid you have to make sure it doesn’t spin. Another option is to use a shotgun type mic on your camera but that won’t work unless all the mouths are facing the camera.
Or use a combination of on camera shotgun and suspended mic. Mic position won’t be your only challenge though, you will also be recording noise at the table so, if your recorder is set to automatic it will adjust to the loudest noise. So, for instance, if one of the players is talking and the other is laughing, most likely you’ll get the laughing unless you are controlling the inputs manually. Just saying that dealing with your choice of mic is only part of your challenge.
You ask for a brand recommendation but I you wish to begin by borrowing just to see if you’ll be happy. Usually, the more you spend on a name brand mic the better it is, but you aren’t really asking much of a mic in this instance. No wind, no background noise, no high volumes; a reasonable priced mic should do. Stick with a microphone company and you’ll do well. I mean, don’t grab a mic from a karaoke set an expect much. If you don’t know what I mean by cardioid or omni, search the Videomaker Magazine for those terms.

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