Interesting problem! I’m


Interesting problem! I’m just throwing this out there because this happened to me once. Besides that’s what these posts are all about… sharing with others about the dumb mistakes you made in hopes that others will benifit from your lack of insight (aka: reading the directions)

Is the lens cap off? LOL Just kidding!

When you are trying to copy your footage from your VCR to your camera, where do you have your camera set too? VCR <or> Camera? On mine I have to have it set on VCR even though you’re technically recording. I also had to change a setting in the menu to AV-in.

Don’t rule out a bad set of plugs or a poor contact connection somewhere either.

BTW: The tape in your VCR isn’t a store bought movie with copywrite on it… is it? If it is, it might have the good’ol Macrovision or CSS copy protection on it which throws up a copywrite flag to your camera so that it won’t copy it.


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