Interesting feedback. Part


Interesting feedback. Part of this may be my fault.

One of the main reasons I asked Mike to write the article was that I found it quite difficult to do. Our core market is the prosumer space (Premeire, Vegas, Edition, Xpress). I found my own reviews of Studio 9 just didn’t read well. I had a tough time keeping the article easy to read and informsative without getting technical or using accepted industry jargon.

When I asked Mike to write the article, I asked him to aim it at the video editing beginner. Perhaps he did that a little to well. Mike is also from the UK, and the original article was written with a decidedly British flavour πŸ˜‰ The tone you picked up may be partially caused from our “Americanizing” of it.

Once agian, thanx for the feedback. I;m going to keep it in mind for our future Power User Reviews.


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