Interesting. Actually, I a


Interesting. Actually, I am probably in a unique position to do an article on this – 30 year veteran journalist, newspaper reporter, editor, assistant publisher, publisher and owner. While my experience is more specifically based on working with photo/article contributors (stringers is term I am most familiar with), I have sold some video footage and photos outside my mast head, and will do a bit of research to update for today’s information. Thanks for the suggestion. I will say two things, well three, right now: Newspaper/magazine “people” are a bit self centered, selfish and often unwilling to go “outside the staff” for news While sources, resources and “stringers” are often budgeted for, it isn’t much and is one of the lowest-paying “gigs” part time or otherwise a person can pursue Murder, rape, robbery, hostage situations, fires, major accidents, plane crashes, riots, Rodney King, and presidential assassination (Zapgruder – sp?) can and have made for dramatic and money-making films/stories, but the chances of getting something are only heightened by two things – being in the right place at the right time, or being SO dedicated to the effort that you develop a heightened sense for events of worth, or you do a LOT of scanner dogging. Events of high magnitude and exclusivity lend themselves to being offered for bid to publications/stations willing to do so, but you will almost certainly need legal counsel to prevent some serious trickery many news outlets are capable of attempting to screw you out of your footage or eyewitness account. OR, misleading you regarding its potential value.

Many years ago (in a prior life) I was a copy boy for the AP (trying to get into the photo dept thru tha back door) – I had a couple of stringer assignments (after I got a shot of a jumper that wound up on the front page of many papers)- Not much $$$ (even for that jumper shot.

Just remember – If it bleeds – it leads!

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