“Instead, I was thinking a


“Instead, I was thinking about purchasing a down converter like an Atlona AT-HD 530 whichinputs AVCHD files and outputs them as S-video. If I then connect the S-video output from that device through my Canopus, would the resultant DV-AVI file be of an aceptable quality for editting through Premiere Pro?”

I think what you mean is, “Atlona AT-HD530 which inputs an HDMI SIGNAL.” Not trying to be picky, but it’s a big difference. Your Canopus device does not output a DV-AVI file either, but rather an SD SIGNAL, which Premiere turns into a DV-AVI file.

In theory, what you want to do should work, although, I don’t think it’s necessary. I would buy the Sony VG10, download MPEG Streamclip, which is free for both Mac and PC, and see if you can convert your AVCHD files to workable file for your current computer. You may even be able to convert your AVCHD files to a more processor-friendly file and still work in HD.

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