Insomeof myfilm classes we


Insomeof myfilm classes we watched a bunchof oldsilentfilms.

The ones we watched were on DVD and were “digitallyremastered”.They didn’thave the “sepia” look (Ithink what youmean by oldfilm look – kindofa brownishtint?).They were obviously blackandwhitethough.

And ofcourse,theyhad that “flicker” look.Through myreadingand whatIlearned from professors (whichIcan only hopehavesome truthtothem :-P) thisflicker,andalsothefactthat silentfilms look fast was becausethey wererecordedslowerthanwhenthey were playedback.Most silentfilms wererecordedat 16 frameper second (thefilm booksaid most,so Idon’tknow howmany actually were),and played backat afaster speed (whichIcan’trememberoffthetopof myhead andamtoolazytogo look up :-P).

If youcansomehow mimicthe higher frame playback, that might give you the bestresults?I’m not sure whatthe best wayofdoingthisissinceIdon’tknowwhat kindofcamera(s) you plantouse.

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