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Independent video services and production is a good field, but you’re truly going to have to love it and stick with it through the highs and lows – and there will be highs and lows in every facet from financial, cash flow, bad luck, good luck, long and quiet lean times, hard and heavy feast times…

With experience, and it appears you have a solid beginning, I tend to be optimistic in believing that there’s a HUGE market out there in some aspect of video production business – primarily events, special interest and how to production, not to mention the scads of small businesses looking for ways to establish a presence on the Internet – but who are not video savvy enough to do it themselves and cannot afford the “big house” production costs.

Like Crafters says, if you’re taking out a loan to do this use some serious caution before going into debt to start a business. If, on the other hand, you’ve saved up or have access to family and friends who will give you IOU-based startup cash for little or no interest, pay back when you can, or not, go for it.

It also would be good to follow Crafters’ suggestion to at least familiarize yourself with the basic aspects/concepts of good business practice by blocking out time for reading, researching, studying or taking a course or courses. If you have a day job, don’t quit it just yet. Work evenings, weekends and holidays, and for goodness sake focus on diversification of your services instead of applying all your efforts, talents and skills in wedding video production – that, my friend, is a fairly saturated market with the vast majority of competitors fighting over the 22% wedge of brides who actually want video.

Thanks also to Crafters Of Light for the nod about my blog – lots of information there, including an article about getting into the video business, its costs and possibilities.

If you’re willing, want to and are determined you can start from ground zero and build a business but it will take a LOT of effort, some decent money and a bunch of research. There are people “making it” using basic consumer tools and there are people NOT making it using expensive professional equipment. Knowing how to market your business and doing it religiously (marketing) is absolutely as important as knowing how to use the tools for producing and developing video into a profitable business.

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