Including a PPP into an ed


Including a PPP into an editrecently proveda problem, if all slideshad beenstill JPEG, thenno problem.The problem weexperienced is illistrated with one moving slide that commences at 1min 50sec in the attached video timeline.

PPP into Adobe Premiere ProCS4

Attempting to use the latest $299 version of Camtasia Studio7proved useless, resulting in an extreme loss of PPP resolution,using all optional settings,after the event my poor Camtasia resolution problems were caused by -nil provision in Camtasia for Australian PAL 25fps -Cantasia works 100% with FCP on a Mac but hopeless with Adobe Premiere ProCS4/Elements9 & Sony Vegas9 on a PC. From scanning various forums it would appear similar problems do not existin NTSC or SECAM environments.

  • In the end Iobtained best results by:-
  • obtain a disc copy of the PPPat conclusion of presentation
  • source thePPP AV outputfeed fromPC ..and..
  • feed direct into a Sony HVR-A1 HD camera &record as normal
  • importing recording into edit as normal.

Trust the above may assist someone. Rocky

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