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In your price range, you need to be most concerned about getting a camcorder this a mic input. Then forget about trying to use some unidirectional mi, which is what cheap camcorders come equipted with. On the budget you’re talking about, your only real option is to purchase a Radio Shack wireless lav. Using anything less than a mic on your wife will result in extremely pooor sound and will be a big red flag for booking agents that you are not serious professionals. Put the mic on your wife & plug it into the camcorder, or you might be able to put a digital recorder in her pocket that you’ve plugged a wired lav into. You might get decent sound using a shotgun, but one adequate to the task will cost more than your camcorder budget. Secondly, you want to select a camcorder where you can override the automatic exposure so if you zoom out, the stage isn’t instantly overexposed. Lacking that, don’t zoom out of the well lit stage area. Generally, the lit area of a stage doesn’t require low light settings. If you want to see the audience laughing, shoot it separately as a reaction shot. Besides, you don’t want to be zooming in and out during her set. Once again, that is a big red flag to bookers that this is not a professional act. Your demo reel should be very simple, using just medium shots or whatever it takes to cover your wife’s act inter-cut with audience shots is all you really need. Keep the focus on your wife, that is how they will judge the act, if they think she is funny you won’t need anything else. And if they don’t think she is funny, the best production in the world won’t help.

Good luck and I hope to see your wife on HBO sometime.

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