In your price range, XLR


In your price range, XLR inputs just aren't going to happen. Do you already have XLR microphone equipment to use? If so, consider an XLR adaptor like the Beachtek DXA-2T. I've had a lot of luck using it for camcorder, HDSLR and my Zoom audio recorder.


In this price range you are looking at basic models with small sensors, so don't expect shallow depths of field shots or great low light performance.


The Canon Vixia cameras are a solid option, with the HF500 being a steal of a deal right now ($200 on sale.) But Sony, JVC and Panasonic also offer cameras in your price range that will do the trick.


Look at the widest viewing angle when zoomed out, whether is shoots 1080 at 60P, and make sure it has the inputs and outputs you are looking for. At this price, you won't likely get a viewfinder, just the fold out screen. All will have digital menus on your touch screen and few external buttons.


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