In weddings the ceremony c


In weddings the ceremony can vary in length as other posters have stated and there are afew things in the ceremony that aredisposable. Some editing to eliminate them in the longer ceremonies is probably appropriate. As grinner stated the reception has a few essentials that must be captured if they happen(entrance of wedding party, cake-cut, toasts, first dances, garter/bouquet toss, etc). I’ve had receptions where there was no garter toss, etc. Unless youhave it in your contract to stay at the reception for hours on end and to capture the last dance and the wedding couple leaving at the end, you probably won’t be there longer than hour or so. This depends on how well the reception is run by the hall or DJ. Good idea to check with them about the schedule so as not to miss anything. Make friends with the photog so each of you can give heads up about this.

Back in the day, shooting live on the fly with VHS I usually pretty much filled a 2 hr tape with the wedding and reception, handing the couple the tape at the end.Now I usually plan on providing 2(less than an hour each)DVDs with menus. One with the ceremony and one with the reception. If the ceremony fills the first then the second might contain montage, short feature, etc. This part is flexible. I haven’t had any feedback about this but I like to use the menu to break up the DVDs into watchable bites. I feel that this allows whoever is watching an easy option for seeing only the part they want.

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